SPF offers a wide range of specialized services


SPF provides for its clients (banks, property funds, companies and individuals) Asset Evaluation expertises for mortgage lending and security purposes through web based applications (Aestimo).
Building and assets appraisal is nowadays SPF corebusiness.

SPF works with a team of qualified technicians organized in a widespread national network, who are able to evaluate all kind of assets (residential, commercial, industrial, infrastructural assets) whether they are finished, or under construction/refurbishment.

For corporate, individual and public authority clients Asset Evaluations are also carried through together with assistance in definition of urban regeneration and reutilization projects.

Our building surveying department works following objective methodologies, paying attention to the respect of all existing laws and bureaucratic procedure in the field.
Our experties follow therefore the IVS international standards as well as ABI prescriptions.
In order to coordinate and align contents and methods for appraisal expertises, SPF is then associate to Is.I.V.I (Istituto Italiano Valutazione Immobiliare), who represents Italy in TEGoVA (The European Group of Valuers' Associations).

In addition, our internal technician are REV (Recognized European Valuer) certified. As part of this international network, we can support foreign stakeholders ventures on our national territory and viceversa.


SPF’s real estate valuation and expertise are certified ISO 9001:2015 to guarantee all our clients the best practice on the market. Besides offering a reliable valuation process this underlines SPF’s commitment to a continuous quality improvement.

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Aestimo is the web based application entirelly and internally developed by SPF to deal with the integrated management of the real estate expertises department.

AESTIMO can also be integrated in banks’ ICT systems: SPF is already service provider for a number of Italian bank institutes.