SPF offers a wide range of specialized services


Since 2003 SPF operates in the renewable energies field, and starting from 2004 we offer consulting services for finance decision making to some of the major national bank institutes.
We are able to help from the project planning phase to its installation, covering issues like authorisations, and technical reports as well.

SPF has developed indeed, throughout the years of activity, a database which aims to compare and monitorate energy costs in the following renewable sectors:

  • biomass
  • aeolian
  • photovoltaic
  • hydroelectric
  • Integrated systems for buildings self-sufficiency (geothermic, solar, thermic and photovoltaic systems)

SPF and its engineer can provide assistance for:

  • Due diligence for acquisition and sale of power plants based on renewable energies
  • Due diligence for bank lending to these projects
  • Energy optimization for residential/commercial/industrial properties
  • Energy management services